Butterfly with Midnight Wings

The world just moves of speeds I can't stand
and shoves me aside, breaks my heart
and soul. I see my end in sight
just past the forest black
There I lay
A butterfly with midnight wings

Invisible yet opaque I cry
my mind, my foe, my heart my pain
and my scars my pride. I'm sound, yet insane
but life still passes me by
There I lay gasping
A butterfly with midnight wings

Behind my frown is tears. Behind
my heart is pain so deep it wounds
my soul. I choke on life and want
for death to take me aside
There I lay gasping, crying
A butterfly with midnight wings

Inside I've died, but yet I live on
and face a darker sky each day
The wounds still fresh, the tears come easy
I know the world cares not for me.
There I lay gasping, crying, dying
A butterfly with midnight wings.

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