The Sane Among the Crazy Men

I am the sane among the crazy men
I hear the screams I see the tears
I watch them fight back their fears
I am the sane

I am the mind among the fools
I watch them all destroy their lives
by drinking the liquors that I despise
I am the mind

I am the thought among the tears
as they pray to gods for hope and love
but stab his back, betrayal from above
I am the thought

I am the tears despite my thought
as my world of fools begins to close
and make my walls the pedals of rose
I am the tears

I am the fool despite my mind
to be so trapped in the place that takes
my heart, my soul and my mind it shakes
I am the fool

I am the crazy man despite I'm sane
as their shrills and screams begin to bore
a hole in my head, my mind become their whore
I am the crazy man

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