Hated One

I am the hated one, the one when the castle is burning and the seas are rising the peasants point to. I am the hated one. I am the one who asks the questions that should not be asked, the one who knows what he should not know.

My dear friends, why do you hate me so? I'd lay my life to make your world a better place. I'd sell myself to buy you happiness. I have not injured you, yet you despise me all the more…

You wonder why my heart is black and my mind in rage. You wonder why I ask the questions and learn the truth. You question me but don't look at yourself. For in there is a real demon, the one eating you up inside.

You attack me so you won't attack yourself. You break me down to make yourself stronger. But you are mistaken dear friend, dearly mistaken. The strength you get does not exist and soon I will no longer be around. But my questions will linger, my words will hang on your mind like a fish on a hook.

Attack me, hate me if you must, but beware, what I say will long outlive what you do…

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