Judgement Day

At some point in our lives we all look back and tally up the events in our all-too-short existence. Have we led a good life, have we led a bad one, or have we just gotten by. We engage in a tally in a feeble attempt to calculate what effect we have had on this planet.

But that is impossible, the money you give to the homeless could be used to buy bad crack that could kill hundreds, the house you break into could have been the house of a would-be dictator who because of your intrusion never will be.

We have no idea what the end result of any action we make will be, so we say something is either good or evil based on the immediate reaction.

Terms such as good or evil begin to lose their distinctiveness and the gray area gets broader. For all we know Hitler may have killed a man that would one day destroy the world, or Princess Di may have saved the life of that same man.

So what is good, what is evil? I do not know. All I know is that the ends do no justify the means and the means do not justify the ends.

So tell me, are you a good witch or a bad witch?

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