Lonely Stars

The stars are lonely tonight
because I am the only one
to see them shine right now
The cold and dark air
sits still and calm as time
moves slower with every
single breath I take

The air is thick right now
because of the pain I feel
is taken in by the sky
Every twinkle of a star
is a tear on a child's pillow
and every twinkle we don't see
is a tear that's kept inside

If I could show the world
the beauty of the stars no man
would sleep during the night
no child would cry because
the light would bring some joy
to brow-beaten faces
But yet, I'm still here alone

It breaks my heart to see
the night like this. I've loved
the darkened sky so long
it pains me to be alone
in seeing the saddened beauty
the night holds. I'll cry
right beside her though

Just as I've done a million times…
a million times before

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