All I wanted was to hear you say
that you loved me and wouldn't sway
but your words came from far away
to remind me I'll be alone today

All I wanted was to see you
All I wanted was to be with you
All I needed was to reach you
I had all I needed to complete you

But holding your heart I'll be strong
humming the bars of the same old song
it feels so good it can't be wrong
But every day now seems so long

I want to hold you so I can say
I can feel your touch every day
It's a strange caress from ghostly hands
scratching my skin like grains of sand

I don't know what I would do if you were here
except whisper to you my dear
that for you I would gladly die
and carry your words to where I lie

But I'm left longing for the kiss
from the girl who's touch I miss
If I could I'd take your hand
and walk you through the shadow land

and when we came through the other side
I'd make a spot for you to hide
and there on the edge of darkness we'd complete
the circle that was meant to be

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