Lovers' Pose

We came into life this way
bare to the world
our legs neatly folded
arching up toward our chest
with our back slumped
as if to greet our knees
but never quite touching.
We then grow older
we learn to walk
and talk
but every night
we return there to sleep
slipping into the dreamworld
with the same pose
we came into this one.
The years go by
and we grow up
but nothing changes
save the addition of another
the other half of our soul
the one who was already there
at least in our hearts
for those first precious moments.
There we lie, fitting shape and form
slipping back into the world we knew
we only knew
as children.
Nature was kind enough
to bring me into the world this way.
Now, with arms entangled
and bodies close
I dare to ask nature
to be kind enough to please
let me die this way.

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