There comes a time in all of our lives when we need to go away, when we need to leave behind where we are, who we are and what we are in order to find some perspective on our lives.

In the muddled world we live in, we often get so enwrapped in our day-to-day existences that we find ourselves adrift and lost. We become machines, punching out days as if they were cogs, interlocking, driving one another, but hopelessly insignificant in both form and function.

That's why we have to leave, to step outside the machine, to gaze back at it and see what it is we're constructing with the days of our lives and figure out how it fits into the larger machine of the world around us. Like carpenters building a house, we only see one small piece of the puzzle at a time with no clue what the bigger picture is.

Worse yet, as challenges mount and petty problems become major strains, our willpower fades. As we forget why we do the things we do, the drive to succeed at them wanes. We find ourselves robbed of our will to fight on and tired in every possible sense of the word.

That makes it critical, to the highest degree, that we set down the tools of our trade from time to time, put our hands in our pockets, brave the cold world, and trek to the top of the tallest mountain we can find. From there we can look back at what we've done and what we're doing, we can see where it fits and where we can change and, most importantly, we can go back with new knowledge and new vigor, working harder and smarter than ever before.

Simply put, a carpenter who doesn't take time to reflect on his work will build a stairway to nowhere and a machinist without purpose will quit at the first small problem. We can neither afford the futility of a life without perspective nor can we bear the weight of an existence without purpose.

However, without perspective or some understanding of what it's all for, we are merely blind men toiling away in a dark room, hoping something comes together.

We can't live that life, as humans, we need to know that every day, every moment, has purpose and that every action we take, from the stroke of a key to a cross-country trek, has meaning. Even if it requires stepping away from everything for a time in order to gain a new viewpoint on life.

Because even though time away to reflect might seem like time wasted, it's truly the most important time spent of all. It's the time spent on us, shoring ourselves up for the battle that always looms on the horizon, the time where we learn and hone our crafts and, most importantly and the time that makes us happy with what we do.

Because, we all understand on some level, that nothing is worth doing if it fails to make us or our loved ones happier.

The gift of life, if you see it as such, is too precious to waste being miserable, squandering precious time with no sense of direction. Perhaps it's time we all took a moment to reflect, to gain that sense of perspective.

Even if it's just a moment or a day, it could be the best time any person has every spent.

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6 Responses to Perspective

  1. pagenwytch says:

    I too have found myself going round in circles and as of yesterday i have stepped outside myself to reflect on my life and purpose of being.
    To sort priorities and a new path to follow.
    I see too many people caught up in life that they do not realise they are living.
    You put it so well Raven thank you 🙂

  2. Black_Soul says:

    I'm so lost in life right now… I guess i do need a chance to go and just get away. awesome rant raven. keep it up!

  3. Mitch says:

    i agreee with you that life is too precious to spend being miserable and i think that people should follow your example, step outside of themselves as you yourself have so often done, whether or not you realize it, and try to see things from different perspectives…try to see things from either somebody else's point of view or simple take the time to re-evaluate their goals and the means that they are using to get there. if more people did this then perhap there would not be so much negativity surrounding us all the time.

  4. Tikerial says:

    I largly agree with Raven, however in my opinion people need to learn how to look at things with unbiased eyes if you will…. it does no good to see your life or the world from a different perspective if you have not left behind your hates and biased opinions… and it aslo does no good if the viewer does not think fully on what he or she sees. That is to say to truely understand it to the best of the human ability, to understand as much of it as possible, and understand the appropriate ways to act in response…there can be biase not only in perspective and thought but also in action. A person can beleive that path A is the only way to deal with said situation because that is all they have been taught, all they know, or all that was supported by the biases they have or may have had….Sometimes you need to find your own path irregaurdless of weither or not it agrees with society and the people in it.

    These are my thoughts on the issue, and I hope I havent gone out of line saying them…. I cant say I really know much about this page seing as my Ex just took over the PC and opened this page with no direction but the word "Read", but I see that Raven is obviously a smart individual and I couldnt help but post my opinions.

    *Dark Embraces*

  5. Heather says:

    this rant is one of my favorites

  6. avlar says:

    your rant is very touching. yet i have some questions. if you don't mind. what about the people that have been brought up in the darkness. what should they do. can a child of the dark realy be helped in this way? or even more, in any way? thank you. yours truly avlar
    p.s. please e-mail me your answer.

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