The Declaration of Independence of this great nation says that we are all as human beings entitled to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Back then, the word "pursuit" meant the furtherment and the betterment of something. However, the modern definition seems to be more fitting doesn't it. "To chase".

We all have the right to go after happiness and joy with all our hearts and all our minds. However, going for something is not a guarantee one will achieve it. Just ask anyone who has lost an election or anyone who has lost an athletic competition. Persuing does not mean achieving.

However, maybe, the act of striving for happiness does bring one some sense of completeness. It's the rabbit on the treadmill running after the carrot that could symbolize many people then. Feeling content in their pursuit for their happiness, but realizing they will probably never achieve it.

I'm not here today to say that life is a bottomless pit of misery or that there is no joy in life. But I am here to say that the joyful, perfect life that everyone dreams of does not exist for most people. We chase it so hard and throw so much of our money into the wind in hopes of a dollar bill baiting the life we dream.

We all want everything. We won't be satisfied by anything but it all. The quest for material and emotional gain is ever-going and never-stopping. We think we have the keys, a better job or a better car. We think we can solve things quickly and easily by throwing away money and working hard. But the truth is, no one can..

It isn't money that makes the world go around but the running of those following the money in their never-ending pursuit of happiness.

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