Spinning Circles

We can’t stop
the motion of time
that nauseating spin
we call life itself
Much like a top
we spin and move
until we topple over and die
we can’t slow down
the way the world
somehow comes back
to where it was before
Friends and lovers return
again and again
like passing faces
seen while riding
a merry-go-around
at the county fair
We tumble like clothes
heated in a dryer
and race to the ground
like a ball rolling and bouncing
down a steep hill
The dizzying array of images
we see before our eyes
come back to haunt us
again and again
then we return
to feel the same weak emotions
Just like the wheel of fortune
the best prize passes by
again and again
and all we can do is sit
riding the turntable
that we call life
No memories worth reliving
but everything keeps coming back
Nothing worth living for
but nothing worth dying for
we spin and spin
daring not to stop
nor to slow down
we breathe the repetition
we inhale it’s cold comfort
but we’re still too afraid
to open our eyes
and let the images pass us by
again and again

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