The Snake's Poison

It's love's sick venom that drips from me right now
She beat her way inside and holds the key
again. A pair of eyes I saw now looms
in my mind and haunts my thoughts every time I shut
my eyes. I force myself to stay awake
for fear I'll dream of her again. Her face
so soft just begs my touch and her lips just wait
to be kissed. I know my heart will break again
because it's fate's cruel hand that keeps us apart
the picture I hold brings tears to me despite
the smile it throws back to me. I know that love
is a two-headed demon because with one
she kisses me and with the other she bites
my neck 'till blood is drawn and drained. Why must fate
be cruel to those who dare to love? The glue
that holds my heart is weak because of her
and those eyes that could pluck my heart and drain my love
if they wished it so. This twisted venom has
me now, I'm trapped and I'll pay the price for letting
love's bite clamp down upon my neck.

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