The End

Your lips so red I could kiss them still.
Your face so pretty I'd fall in love
again. Your hair so gold it shines
in the sun and makes me want to cry.
Your love's now gone, your heart now stopped.
You leave me here to be alone.
Your hand still warm to touch but now
your eyes no longer shine. Your soul
now free your body's in a box. Your face
so pure it lingers on my mind.
As you began to slowly die
I felt my heart begin to slip
away. My love began to melt
and die. As I bury you my love
I fear I bury my heart and my love
as well. It's farewell to love and to
my heart. I know I shall not love
again. You're face not pale shall haunt
my heart for good. What once brought me joy
now brings me tears.

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