97 Percent

When I look into your eyes
I see that something has been left behind
through the smiles and gentle kisses
I see a heart still longing
a touch left unfulfilled
a kiss that is vapor to the wind

I'm ninety-seven percent of what you need
inches away from being complete
I could be your everything
your only wish
your only dream
if only I weren't so human
and so bound within myself

But instead I'm ninety-seven percent
leaving love unfulfilled
and dreams untouched
just an imperfect hand
grasping at perfection
watching as you drift to the horizon
with your sliver of emptiness eating you away
seeking perfection with longing eyes
leaving me behind with every step you take

I know it's only time until you're gone
the quest for completion pulling you away
leaving my only dream shattered
my everything gone
and the ninety-seven percent of what I was destroyed
Too imperfect to be immortal
and not enough to be your one true love
just inches away from keeping you
but miles away from feeling your embrace

I can only watch as you disappear
into the blinding horizon light
slipping into your perfect love
without my ninety-seven percent heart
or the emptiness it leaves inside

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85 Responses to 97 Percent

  1. Shaun says:

    very well done, great way of putting that story, keep it going

  2. raven dontay says:

    you did it once agen I can also relate to this one your an artest when it comes to potery its like you paint out what you fell then put it in words.this one is real deep and I like it alot.

    your fan,raven dontay!!!

  3. Rebekah says:

    Wow, that was so good, its like my new fav poem. U write like i think, everytime i feel like somethings happening in my relashionship – I read one of u'r poems and i can relate to them. Great job!

  4. Luxi says:

    That was just so beautiful. Your poetry is exactly how I wish to write….but sadly my poetry is in no camparison. But anyway your poetry is just amazing.

  5. Sarah T says:

    Everything in my life is 97 per cent. Thank you for this moving peice of your soul.

  6. Torey says:

    The fact that I can relate to this poem so deeply reaches something on the inside. Maybe it's something that I'd rather forget but thank you, it brings clarity to some things that I couldn't before identify.

  7. Jay Taylor says:

    The fact that you can create any genre of poem and create it so anyone can relate to it just astounds me. I've recently had a problem with a girl who likes me and I really like her but she belongs to a following, like the righteous church, and she cant date until she is 16, and when she can she has to date a guy from the (when I say "cult" I can't find another word to describe it) but yeah, she has to date a guy from that cult, so thanks for that poem, it sort of helps in a weird, hurtful way. Thank you.

  8. selene says:

    its like you dig deep into my soul and tell everything i feel and think …i love your art its so moving.

  9. xXx says:

    Astounding, Intriguing, Emotional.

  10. Broken Spirit says:

    Your work has moved me, its so touching, like you have opened a side of me which has never seen the light, my emotional side of life..


  11. Lestate says:

    Touching the lives of many hearts!

  12. samantha says:

    i cried when i read this. it is the very symbol of my relationsihip. i love this poem a lot

  13. BeautifulScars says:

    the only thing i have to say is that this is a beautiful poem. it's shocking how close it strikes to my heart, or at least what's left of it…

  14. chris says:

    this poem describes my feelings in my heart, im here in iraq, been here since jan, and in march my wife gave me the dear john over the email,i should hate her but my heart is so confused,i leave here in jan, and then i have a divorce soon as i get back

  15. Sarah says:

    I think that you are a really great writer.Keep it going.

  16. Joe says:

    wow…i feel that one…u write really beautifully…keep up the good work…

  17. Sarah Jayne says:

    The poems posted on this site are the greatest poetry pieces i have ever read.
    You are very talented.
    Thankyou for sharing your imagination and thoughts with us.
    My favorite piece was the "turning corners" Because it reflects a situation i am facing at the moment.

    Great work


  18. severron says:

    i swear i heard 1 just like this in my english class tought by mr.maker

    ru amandah?

  19. reina says:

    may i ask why u chose 97 as the number?
    but i loved all of it, and ur very imaginative and creative^^

  20. Chelsea Pragle says:

    This has been one of the best exerts in this website that i have read since the poem open fire first came to the site

  21. Andria says:

    I love your poems they are soooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!

  22. luvhurtz says:

    Uk this isnt normally the kind of stuff i read. I am no artist but that was the most beautiful thing i have ever read in my life. WOW!!!

  23. anonomous says:

    wow ur really good…i look forward to reading more

  24. Gabbzi says:

    i gt it ! it made me cry the 1st time i read it so touching and i understand more about the way things work!

  25. syn666 says:

    this poem is really touching…
    it reflects everything i feel right now…

  26. laura says:

    i love that poem u are really good at poems it mite not mader but u are really good

  27. jacqueline says:

    i love all your poems they are so cool 😉

  28. jacqueline says:

    i love it.

  29. Bethany says:

    I love this poem it's beautiful.

  30. lunartemptation says:

    Thank you. I couldn't find the words to say to someone. I knew if I came to your site, I would find the words that were escaping me on this day.

    Thank you for creating and sharing them.

  31. Fireblossom says:

    Doesn't everything seem 97% complete these days??
    In other words, I love it. Thank you.

  32. jess says:

    hey i love this poem its exactly how i feel its truely a good poem and i think that most things do seem 97% to most of us its like every day its seems like i can never get all of the things i want to do so my day is only 97% complete so yah i can really relate to this poem.

  33. kierstin says:

    once again u interprate my exact feelings at the moment that i need them expressed. thanx.

  34. Delilah says:

    Make me realize i'll never be that red haired bitch.. He still keeps her picture.. I wanted to know if i could post this on my page if i gave the proper credit..

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