Am I Evil?

In the year of 1980, the year of my birth, Diamondhead recorded a song that asked a question that lingers to this day. It's a question we all have to stop and ask ourselves at some point, the question is… Am I evil?

The best way to define a word is to look at it's synonyms. For "Evil" I see the words, sinful, vile, bad, wicked and vicious.

I am most certainly a sinful individual. No one would dare argue that I have led a far from pure life, my views on religion are enough by themselves to find me guilty of sin. I can also be classified as a very spiteful and vile individual. I am not a forgiving soul and when I am done wrong, I accept no apologies and I take no prisoners. I guess one might say I am vile.

Bad is simply to vague of a word to attach any of my actions and thoughts to so I will continue down the list. Wicked is the next one. I admit I can be somewhat sinister in my plotting. I often conspire in less-than-pristine ways to get what I want. I can also be very vicious and cut-throat in my actions. When the time comes, I have no heart and I will tear at someone's soul like a rabid dog at a piece of meat. The lesson is don't cross me.

So, here I am, flunking the test. Unfortunately, at my core I don't see myself as being too different from everyone else. Who hasn't conspired for their own gain? Who hasn't been betrayed and been brutal? Almost no one. So the fact is, not only am I on trail, but so is the bulk of the world.

Now we come to the verdict and the end of this peculiar rant. You see, at this new year I've taken a long hard look at myself and I've had to with a tear in my eye, come to the same conclusion that Diamonhead did in their song…

"Am I Evil?"

"I am man, yes I am!"

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