Sitting alone in the dark of night
One bright and sunny day
I stared down a piece of paper
Not knowing what to say
I meant to pour my heart out
Let it bleed throughout my pen
But then the words they stifled
No thoughts came from within
It was then that I realized
My heart was empty black
No words to say nor tears to cry
Nothing left to attack
What can I write about nothing
Except it's pure and vast
Like an empty plain of rolling hills
Lies my heart until the last
I only know this emptiness
It's like groping in the dark
I only see this pain I feel
Along with it's ancient mark
It's only now I see myself
I see myself for what I am
Just an empty hollow creature
Frightened as a lamb
So I'll curl up with my word
And cry upon my ink
For every time I write now
I can feel my heart sink

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