There was once a small sparrow whose goal was to drain the ocean. He would fly over the great sea, scoop up a beak full of water and dump it many miles inland. He would fly back and forthing taking a few precious teaspoons at a time until he died of old age hardly draining a bit.

There are those who would say that it would take that sparrow forever to drain the ocean, but they would be wrong. Forever is longer than what the sparrow would need to drain a millions of oceans on millions of worlds like ours. But the sparrow eventually did fall and never completed his task.

Many things that we think will last forever, don't. Buildings that were meant to last an eternity have long since crumbled to dust and ideas that were thought to be timeless have been discarded as relics of the past.

We can not hope to measure the concept of forever with such meager and frail objects. Things and ideas have a common foe in time and they are all worn away perishing in the face of the infinity that is forever.

To grasp forever we must look deep within ourselves and find the thing that will last forever, the only thing self-healing, self-repairing and self-sustaining. The only thing to carry on after death arising from it's own ashes like the legendary Pheonix. We can only measure forever in love.

In the face of love forever is no longer the destroyer of all things, the crumbler of buildings and the smasher of ideas. Rather, it is just a period of time and it's not even long enough. For a million upon a million upon a million years is not enough to truly celebrate the joy of love. For there is not enough time ever to enjoy every last drop of it's nectar.

That's the true beauty of love, before it all things are humbled and belittled, even the blackness of all eternity…

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