Fortune's Fool

What kind of world is this
that treats me like a dog
she beats me, starves me, chains me
and breaks my skin with it's flog
But yet I now expect that
I know this world is cruel
the human race simply wants
my mind for it to rule
But since I will not give it
she chains me to a wall
to shield me from all the light
in hopes I'll take the fall
While the torment is real
it just doesn't seem to stop
ten feet from my nose
the food she does drop
So now this dog turns rabid
pulling at it's chains
biting, clawing and gnawing
it fights despite the pain
But no matter how hard I strive
the goal is never near
and the pain it overwhelms
as blood washes all the tears
So now this dog lays down
and stares at his prize
he's able to see it clearly
despite all of the lies
But there will come a day
in which this dog will break free
and charges toward his goal
and you'll have to let him be
So laugh if you can dear fortune
at the fate that I describe
because soon I'll run you through
and fill my soul with pride…

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