Frail Destiny

You broke a thousand hearts
on your way to mine
you tore through a thousand lonely souls
and shattered a thousand dreams
before a twist of fate
brought you to my door

Now you've moved on
following the scent of loneliness
down a trail of desperation
to another victim
one who smiles unaware
just like I did in the months before

But time will be kind to me
as it is to most gentle souls
though we break like twigs
in the howling winds of today
the rains of tomorrow make us strong
and let us grow into a forest that can never be broken

You will remain hollow, empty and weak
even as I grow stronger
and some day love will find you
following the scent of your loneliness
and it will break you with ease
a rotten tree falling to a draft

So even as I cry for you
and nurse my broken heart
I offer no words of anger
nor carry any ill desires
For your fate is your own
and destiny spites you enough
while I'll miss you on lonely nights
I can not hate what I pity so much
nor condem that which has condemned itself

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38 Responses to Frail Destiny

  1. dark B says:

    i was waiting fer a long time to read new poems from you and i am satisfied i really relate to this one i love your writings


  2. Shelly says:

    Wonderful! Actually brought tears to my eyes as I read this. Glad to have you back!

  3. Torrie says:

    This one very strongly relates to why i am the way i am now,shattered hearts will never be the way they were before they were broken, they will always remain shattered and held together with glue, left to beat with its missing pieces and love pouring out all over the place. i may only be 17 here now in this lifetime but have experienced so much already now and in times before,of wich i can faintly remeber in my dreams. sorry i am rambling again,Raven your poetry makes do that. thanks again.

  4. LaLoni says:

    Brilliant, Raven! Welcome home, dear friend. Thank you for not forgetting your fans or your home. Your heart still beats with the blood of a writer. Forget or lose that, you WILL be incomplete. I missed you.

  5. Ashton says:

    all i have to say is wow! that was beautiful, i just cant get over how great of a writer you are.

  6. Kevin says:

    I am a long time supporter of your site and I am Happy to hail your return, oh master, my master. I have an odd question and this might not be the correct way to post it but this poem reminded me to ask: Why don't you include punctuation in your poetry? Is it because you wish to leave it to the reader, or, do you find it bothersome and useless because you use new stanzas to signal the end of one line and the begining of the next? The reason that I ask is because I find that when I read them out loud I have difficulty finding a spot to breathe or pause for dramatic effect. As always I find that your work is le creme de la creme, and this piece is no exception. Your devoted student, Kevin.

  7. Saige says:

    its as if you see into my heart

  8. Ben says:

    again words that mimic my thoughts on dark nights when remembering a time long ago.

  9. morgan says:

    that was a lovely poem keep up the good work.

  10. will says:

    this poetry is quiet beautiful and glommy in a way that makes think about who you are were your going what you care about.

  11. samantha says:

    i really like this poem becuase thats alot like how i feel about my ex-boyfrind

  12. Ashley says:

    Your work is so easy to relate to.

  13. DarkOne says:

    Hey Raven,
    sorry to be an ass and point out that you spelled condemn wrong in the last line.
    But besides that i wanted to tell you that this was a great poem. I recently went through a break up okay it wasnt recent it was in april. But i'm still not over the guy and he lives down my street. but this poem is exactly how he is. he went out with my friend a couple years back then my other best friend and then me and then tried to go back to my first friend. no matter how hard i try to hate him i can't thank you for capturing this feeling in your poems… i have read every single one and i'm sorry i cant post to tell you how much i love your poems everytime i read one. but keep writing and i'll keep my eye out for your poems. Because in every single on of your poems you capture a feeling i can relate to.

  14. zukarimoto says:

    great poem. i can really relate … im a fan of your works though i never comment on them since now
    its really inspiring… keep it up, im broken the same as this poem but i pity the girl … she never knows true love even it slaps her in the face . now she ends up lonely and unwanted cause of her doing.. how pityful, I became happy and strong but she rottens in disgrace and karma..

  15. Jaimie says:

    it waz ok it could have rymed a little more but it reminded me of a person i once knew very well and things happened similar to that.

  16. haley says:

    LOVE and HAPPINESS will follow you all the way, and show you to DESTINY!

  17. emma says:

    i really love this poem i just recently came across this site and just love it lol your poetry is amazin

  18. Jo says:

    Your words are amazingly expresive[spelling].i admire that your very passionate and your willing to show every one out there that . Your veiws on the world are unique and open and that makes you a very good artist in every sense.

  19. Ravyn says:

    Again your poetry speaks to me in ways my words cannot replicate. And (although I feel you've heard this many times before I feel the need)its good to see your return.

  20. lisa says:

    i've been lost the past couple months but comeing
    back here seeing through your eyes makes me safe and feel at home again.

  21. vala_verena says:

    I am amazed to find that a poem, this poem, can give me strength. This very moment when I need to be strong, I stumble upon this and I find I can be. My words will not be able to show you how I feel but I will try anyway, you have given me strength when I have been lost, I am truly thankful. I've found myself again, here, in your words. It is not much: but Thank You.

  22. A.J. says:

    This poem is an absolute success. I love it. 🙂

  23. Heather says:

    Wow. You nailed it.

  24. avrs kotton kandy scooby says:

    wow!!!!!! that is gr8 i like this ne i sent this to my ex lol

  25. Bernard M. says:

    very powerful,very powerful.The ending was killer.I really enjoyeed this poem.

  26. joanna.d says:

    omg that was so good i really liked it espeically the last part
    it has to be the best one i've ever read.

  27. jesse says:

    i love all of your poems and this one a ton…keep it up and stay real

  28. H. Baddley says:

    So very well said and with such great imagery.

  29. Jessica says:

    wow i absolutley love this poem i have been a HUGE fan of yours for years i only have to read the beginning line of this poem to feel that shiver inside of me your poetry touches me so deep when will you have anything new?

  30. Ame_Burondo says:

    it was very good not giddy like my friends write i hate it whaen they rite like that

  31. Mafimisstress says:

    i Love this poem and i dedicate it to a trinity s barnes… i hope one day he'll grow up and be a man.. i read your poetry all the tiem and absolutley love it..


  32. whitney says:

    dark,deep,and true

  33. Suzuumi says:

    Absolutely remarkable… Will the true wonders of the world never cease to pop up before my very eyes? People put so much bias and ignorance around the world of poetry, especially gothic poetry. Raven, you always amaze me with your words. Keep putting up these incredible works of art and pretty soon you'll be on top of the literature world… I'd like to see you there; you certainly deserve it.

  34. GothicEMO4 says:

    i love your poetry and i read it every day. you are the best poet i know of.

  35. Nicole says:

    you are a really good writer. keep it up!!!

  36. ShaDow says:

    well i read this one, and like the one before it was awesome! i write poetry also, and i have a question to ask you when you write does it all just barrel out in a few seconds, on a whim of insparation or does it take time?

  37. Goth Angel says:

    You poems like this one articulate in words the delicate nature of emotions we have or will feel at some time.

  38. ToFrail4Serenity_jasmine says:

    Thank you.

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