I love history. I love being able to open a book and read about events that happened hundreds, even thousands of years ago. I love being able to close my eyes and pretend that I'm there. My imagination can place me in the middle of the Revolutionary War, I can sign the Treate of Versaile, I can even invent electricity. History always puts me in awe.

However, some people seem to get lost in history. There is a point in one's life that relishing in the past in only natural, however, some people revert to that all to quick. Some people relish solely in their days of high school or college, others get so desperate they need to relish in mere days rather than years.

There are times that a few days can fill one's life with stories, a wonderful vacation somewhere or a series of events that change one life. However, it's too easily people lose their entire life to relishing about just a short period of time.

History is great, memories are great, but my eyes are placed squarely on the future, my out look is completely toward the morrow and yesteryear is but a lesson and a memory. I treat history with all of the respect and dignity it deserves, history is our friend, our guide.

The challenge in life is to break the chains of history, to break free from it's grip and forge a new path. For it's true that if we don't know history we are doomed to repeat it, if we spend too much time in it, we are doomed to repeat it forever with in the confines of our own mind…

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