Meaning of Love

What do you know about love?
I've touched its perfect face
I've held it tight in my arms
and kissed it to sleep each night
What can you know about love?
If you can hate something so perfect
something so beautiful
something so real
that it brings me to my knees
When I see them walking hand in hand
with bright smiles across their faces
and a look of pure joy in their eyes
I know they've touched the same love I hold
and I could never deny anyone I loved
anyone I cared about
such a perfect union of souls
Some people spend their entire lives
up until their dying breath
looking for something this beautiful
searching for something this wonderful
and that's why I could never
not in a thousand lifetimes
stand between my love and her happiness.
I could never tell her who she is
or that what she's feeling is wrong.
But there you stand
soaking in the pouring rain
shaking your head violently
disgusted by some invisible shame
What do you know about love?
How can you touch love
when your heart is filled with fear and hate?
If you understood love
even grasped the meaning of the word
you'd know it takes a million different forms
each as perfect as the last
and though I can't hate you through all my pity
when I see the pain you cause
the tears you bring
and the misery you create
I break down and cry.
Because I know then
that you'll never know the meaning of love
the true meaning of love.
But yet, in your ignorance
in your blindness and hate
you crush something so perfect
so beautiful
that it still brings me to my knees
and for that I'll never forgive you
though I'll always pity you
as you wallow in your sea of pain.

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One Response to Meaning of Love

  1. Savanah says:

    So, this is a really good poem, i love that it makes perfect sense, and it also contradicts itself. 🙂

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