As the camera bulbs flash announcing the arrival of royals, many wonder, "who are these people?" These people who smile for no reason, wave at the cameras that stalk their every move. Wave to the millions who know their name but they do not know a one of theirs.

Why do we put people on such pedestals? What have these people done? Have they written a decent book, have they done anything but been given the right DNA to make them attractive, to make them desirable. What have they done.

They are yet to earn anything. They have not earned the respect of the masses who throw themselves at their feet. They are nothing but facades behind grinning faces and corny cliches. They offer nothing to us, they have no wisdom, they have no vision. They are not creators they are merely images and names, names that bring the masses and the millions.

All the while there are people, in all parts of this world who slave away hoping for nothing more than the respect of their bosses and their friends, if they have any. While the royal, the grand, need only raise a finger to get the masses to chant their name.

Cheer not for the images, the facades, the empty faces and the hallow words. Applaud the unsung hero, for they are the true power of this planet. The true inspiration. They are the ones truly deserving our respect and admiration.

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