Signs of the Times

It amazes me how the world works. I've often stared in awe at how society rewards it's members. People who toil mercilessly and break their backs in hard jobs are barely able to survive while stockbrokers, who have lifted nothing heavier than a pen and clipboard and resting high on a pile of cash.

It seems the way to get rich these days is to concoct some useless idea, market it well, and let the royalties roll in. You're more likely to make a good living playing the lottery than you are at a hard job.

"But!" says all of the economists in their infinite wisdom, "the economy is as strong as ever, unemployment is down, stocks are thriving and people are wealthier than ever!"

Tell that the factory working having to mortgage his house to avoid bankruptcy because his job doesn't cover his medical expenses. Tell that to the single working mother who has to use welfare just to afford the daycare she needs and to get the food to eat.

Yes, people are wealthier than ever. The same lazy, meaningless slobs who contribute to campaigns to avoid paying higher taxes. The same people who get rich stealing other's ideas without as much as a thank you. The same people who wouldn't know work if it bit them square in the ass.

We delude ourselves into thinking that this notion of the "American Dream" is real for everyone and that with the good times we are in that it should be more easily realized. Well, I guess it's a sign of the times. The economy is strong, but personal bankruptcies are skyrocketing, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening and the very notions that this society was built are on are being eroded by the good times. It's as if the roaring twenties are happening all over again.

I'm just waiting eagerly for the next depression…

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