Look around you real fast. Odds are unless someone printed this out for you, you’re reading these words on a computer screen somewhere. Odds are you’re sitting in a room with other electronic gizmos and gadgets. Odds are you’re surrounded by the creations of man and his science.

We live in a world timed by megahertz. One has to have a cell phone just to stay in touch. We don’t know how we ever got by without fax machines and the Internet, though those days were just a few years ago. We would die without air conditioning and starve to death without plastic wrap.

The human has forgotten what it means to be a human while the machine strives to learn. Silicon chips threaten to take the place of our souls as memories seem to be reduced to bits and bytes. Longwave or shortwave means more than paper or plastic. We buy books over the Internet, close business deals without ever meeting the person and we’re frustated when something takes longer than thirty seconds to execute.

It’s not the technology that’s the sin, it’s in how we use it. To find religion, we just do a search on the web, to talk to God we send him an E-mail. Even Santa Claus is on-line, why shouldn’t I be?

We’ve gone from meeting new friends on-line, to meeting all of them there. We’ve gone from cell phones for emergencies to cell phones as necessities. Every executive has to have a PDA, meanwhile, rolodexes sit gathering dust in the corner.

We’ve replaced, replaced and replaced, but have gained nothing in return. Rather than using we’re abusing, like junkies in a dark alley. “Faster is better, you save time,” they say. I see nothing but growing stress and mounting frustration. Road rage and cell phones being on the rise at the same time is not a coincidence.

Can we stop, can we turn back? Not a chance my friend. Already we’re down the gravity well of what we’ve created. Ride the back of the wave to the future, make a couple bucks along the way. Watch the world lose it’s soul as machines think for us, instead of with us. May our hearts rest in piece, for they died well enough, lost in a war we didn’t even know we were fighting.

A war against the things we built ourselves, we abused ourselves and the things that eventually destroyed ourselves…

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