The House that Love Built

There was a house that love built
It sat upon the holy ground
atop a cliff just by the sea
It was made of the strongest stone
with promised etched into each brick
It’s roof weather through the mighty storm
and kept us both safe inside
But one day, the wind was blowing strong
and the stone we laid began to break
We tried to fill the cracks with all our tears
until we had none left to cry
and as the roof came crashing down
we quietly said our good byes.

Yes, there was a house that love built
but now it’s washed into the sea
our bricks with promises all broken
are scattered along the beach
We thought it would stand the test of time
Instead, we learned how short forever can be
But on that spot in the holy ground
I planted a single seed
and when the sun came shining through
it grew into a sturdy tree
Never again can a storm crush my heart
for I have grown too strong.
Because when love finds me again
I won’t let it be torn apart.

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