The Ignorant Few

Those ignorant few. The few who claim to have all of the answers to man and life but know less than you or I. The ignorant few who, with their hands held up high, offer everything you may have wanted to know about life itself, but when pushed and pried know nothing but what they are told.

The more I learn, the more I realize how little I really know. I don't have the answers to life's greatest mysteries, only theories and ideas. But there are those who say they know the answer, they know that reason we are here and will preach their so-called knowledge to all who will listen.

How I wish I too could be ignorant again, wishing I knew little and thinking I knew it all. But life has taught me too many harsh lessons to again be ignorant. Those lessons have drilled a hole into my skull and are as permanent as my mind and my heart to my body.

If ignorance is bliss, then it is no wonder why I must wear a frown. To those who see the world as it truly is…I see you, I feel for you. For those who realize that we will never solve the mysteries that keep us captivated…I feel for you too. I am you.

I have spent many tortured hours just because of how much I knew. But in my heart and in my head I know that I can not again be ignorant. For it is my duty to bring the truth forth, to share the knowledge, it is our duty, it is the world's duty.

Let us take up arms against the ignorant few, let us strike down their words where they stand, let's strike a blow for the human race.

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